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Join award-winning wildlife photographer, Steven Blandin, to a wildlife photography workshop in a wildlife preserve around the World. In-the-field nature and instructional bird photo tours are the very best way to bring your photography to the next level. Your workshop leader will teach you at every step how to create fantastic wildlife photographs. You will become an expert in exposure, sharpness and artistic framing by following Steven's patient instructions. From beginners to professionals, you will enjoy unique photography lessons while venturing in a wild nature during our wildlife photo tours. Accompanying in-the field tips, you will benefit from top notch digital photography editing techniques and photo critique sessions. Plus, from the unforgettable African safari tour to the best nature locations for picture taking, you will come back home with absolutely memorable images. Take a peek at the upcoming wildlife photography workshops, and join a safari of a lifetime.

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Bird & wildlife photography blog

Subscribe to the wildlife photography blog! You will find field tips for animal pictures taking and tricks to greatly improve your digital photo processing. For each bird picture you will see, I break down the setting on the equipment I used and walk you through a few image editing techniques to bring the final artistic touches. Subscribe to the blog to follow every post and stay in touch with the latest wildlife photography workshops and bird photo tour news! I share with you my recommendations for photography equipment and provide useful tips to the nature photographer through the blog. Check out my gear to have an idea of what type of equipment you would want to buy if you were to adventure into wildlife photography. I will give you our honest opinion on photo gear based on my own experience. Digital imaging is greatly enhanced with the use of appropriate picture processing softwares, which I also comment on. The focus is put on what works for beautiful wildlife pictures creation.

Wildlife rights managed stock pictures & Nature fine art canvas

You may purchase rights managed stock bird images and wildlife photos created during our wildlife photography workshops and bird photo tours as high definition digital downloads and fine art canvas. Rights managed licenses are offered with pricing based on usage. Whether you need to use one of my photographs for publishing or Web, I will send you a customized quote with the corresponding license agreement. As an individual, you may buy prints, fine art canvas and much more. The extensive stock nature photographs library features images you may yourself create thanks to our wildlife photography workshops, sorted between mammals, birds, landscapes.

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