Best Bird Photography Tours | Florida & Alaska

Best Bird Photography Tours | Florida & Alaska Photo Workshops

Join international award-winning bird photographer, Steven Blandin, to an educational photography tour in Florida and Alaska. In-the-field instructional bird photo workshops are the very best way to bring your bird photography to the next level. Your tour leader will teach you at every step how to create fantastic bird photographs. You will become an expert in exposure, sharpness and artistic framing by following Steven's patient instructions. From beginners to professionals, you will enjoy unique photography lessons while venturing in a wild nature during our learning bird photography tours. Accompanying in-the field tips, you will benefit from top notch digital photography editing techniques and photo critique sessions. Plus, from the unforgettable Florida Spoonbills safari tour to the best location for creating images of Alaska Bald Eagles, you will come back home with absolutely memorable pictures. Take a peek at the upcoming Florida and Alaska bird photography workshops, and join a safari of a lifetime.

Florida Spoonbills photography tour: March 25-26 2017 / $1150

If you want to have a chance to photograph Roseate Spoonbills in flight during breeding season, this is it! This two day bird photography workshop includes three boat rides to get close to the biggest Spoonbill rookery in Florida. The Tampa Bay Spoonbill rookery is also the biggest bird rookery in the state of Florida, with many other species represented. We will do image critiques and I will demonstrate Photoshop image optimization techniques during lunch time.

Alaska Bald Eagle photography workshop: February 13-17 2017 / $3600

Join me to the ultimate Alaska Bald Eagle action photography workshop! During 5 days, you will experience supberb action photography of Bald Eagles while they fish, fly or bank in the air. South of Anchorage, we will go on two boat rides per day to follow the eagles as they are fishing in the Alaska waters. This bird photography workshop is timed so that you are likely to have snow and the breathtaking Alaska landscape in the background. I can confidently say this the best Bald Eagle photo tour you will find out there!

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